The Mind Lover


I dont just want satisfaction from you . I want your mind ripped left , right and Centre and want your body to peak and fall countless times in one night . I want to feel our raw animalism alongside our heartstopping passion. . I want you to feel beautifully sexual and sensual . I want to open every padlocked closet of your fantasy palace and explore whatever treats you have locked away. I will never be satisfied with the ordinary , never just want a part of your heart or a part of your body . I want your every barrier stripped , every veil lifted , until me and you lust each other like wild animals and passionately fucking intertwined , my pleasure giving you your pleasure , your pleasure giving me mine !

© themysticdom2016



Reflections of a Goddess



As I Sit back and watch her
With thoughts that make me ponder
Watching herself in the mirror
I feel does she ever wonder ?

Does she ever realise
that what makes her whole
Would she ever know
What lies in her soul

Has she found out about the garden
Deep somewhere in her heart
That blooms a million flowers
I admire , Like a work of art

Does she even know
the flames that she burns
To be comforted in its warmth
my cold heart yearns

And what about the whirlwind
A storm of a different kind
The passion that evokes out
Nowhere , will I ever find !

How can I miss that waterfall
A pouring of her thoughts
Memories of a beautiful time
& also of her battle fought

How do I tell her
that she is a poetry in flow
to complete her rhapsody
a million tunes tow

How do I tell her
that beautiful are her scars
For she stood strong amidst
fighting her own wars

As she strips her red dress
Knowing that I watch her
Teasing my chain of thoughts
Her lovely back lures

And she knows that
I cannot resist !
Walking into her trap
Pouring that red wine
Only to lovingly lap

Marking her back
with a trail of my lips
Crushing the rose
as its nectar seeps

But would she ever know
what turns on my mind
Is the fact that whenever I seek my high
Her soul , is the only place I find !

In her , lies the wine
In her , lies the rose
She is my purity in poetry
She is my passion in prose

© themysticdom 2016







Raw Lust


I  have  you gripped down  , torn the clothes off, ripped, shredded.   Tied up, gagged almost motionless as you feel my sucking hot lips and teeth everywhere. Digging  poignant pain that penetrates down to the last corner of your soul. No escape, only feeling. Fingernails deep into your  flesh drawing  bizarre patterns of my lust for you as our senses get immersed in an unreal sensual orgy.

My fingers crawl past your lips  . You suck at them, as if it means life to you .  They wander down , along every inch of your curves , pressing into you .  You moan in sweet pain only to  hear me laugh in my mind . In the spaceless silence begins a roaring rhapsody of bodies  mixed with  raw touches, everywhere and nowhere. You are  losing grip ! “Where Am I ?What trip is this ? Where do you take me , Sir ? “  

Your head is so empty , about to explode into  infinity ,  incomprehensive as I drill deeper and harder into you . You no longer exists in body . There is nothing in front of your eyes as they blur  into nothingness .  The trip goes higher , the pounding harder . I can hear your mind say ; “ Take me till last,   take me whole, take me all , tear me open, love me, ravish me, kill me  ; let me drink drown in to us till I feel no more .. no more… no more …”

© themysticdom 2014


The Night of the Storm


 That night…. there was a storm !

More than outside…. it was within HER .

It rained heavily making her soul wet .

The lightning struck only to electrify her deepest desires.

Her senses had aroused to peaks of orgasmic ecstasy 

The air was sinfully carnal

And she breathe passion in her every whiff

She was on a trip heaven

And now …there was no looking back .

Only HE could tame the wild beast in her !

 On that night …when there was a storm !

© themysticdom 2014

Mirror Mirror


Mirror mirror …on the wall
Now that you are seeing it all

Watch how he grooves. His passionate thrusts
A scene of love… Yet pure lust

His every move… Digging deep
My sweet nectar… Slowly seeps

Breaks my mind… Makes me free
The journey into…ecstasy

Each passing thrusts.. Knows no sane bound
Digging deeper… Round after round..

My lips twitched … Moan a sigh
Am in heaven… I wont lie

“Yes Master ….Dig in more
Tear me apart….feel my core”

“Feel me places… Deep within
My Souls seeks peace… In sensual sin”

“Take me higher…. Like never before
soar me away….wash me ashore”

Finally I can…. take no more
As he gets ready ..For a final roar

As we cum … In a synchro scene
Losing senses…  Like never been

Filling each other… Down the lane.
Both drenched… In orgasmic rain

Thats some love… Into I have been !!!
Tell me Mirror …..Have you ever seen ?

Mirror Mirror ..on the Wall 😉

© themysticdom 2014

The Master’s Mark


Clamped Nipples

Sending ripples

Tied and bound

All around

Shoved and gagged

With the Master’s tag

Waiting for his next move

Passionate kinky love

With a mind like his

Deliciously dark

Wonder the way

He will leave his Mark !


© themysticdom 2014