Lunch Sac

Lunch anyone 😉 This is so filling for her 😉

Wet Bliss


I can’t wait; I love the way you taste

With quick snap and a steady zip

A tasty delight springs forth before my eyes

Asserting its strength and desire through a steady rise

Fully erect, I slowly caress the smooth and silken flesh

Pants slide down your parted thighs, I settle in the open space

Gazing up into you eyes I lick my lips and hear your heavy sigh

You nod your head beckoning me to devour since we only have an hour

Maintaining eye contact I take a firm grip and fist your dick

Leaning in I lovingly lick the tip until it begins to profusely drip

Slathered across my lips your briny essence transports me into a state of  bliss

Length fully engulfed in the wet heat of my mouth, I close my eyes to enjoy

Concentrating wholly on bringing forth your treasured prize

Feeling your cock pulsate firmly…

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2 thoughts on “Lunch Sac

  1. If it pleases you, it would please me to have lunch together everyday. It’d be an honor. Absolutely, appreciate the reblog and visit Sir – thank you!

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