Raw Lust


I  have  you gripped down  , torn the clothes off, ripped, shredded.   Tied up, gagged almost motionless as you feel my sucking hot lips and teeth everywhere. Digging  poignant pain that penetrates down to the last corner of your soul. No escape, only feeling. Fingernails deep into your  flesh drawing  bizarre patterns of my lust for you as our senses get immersed in an unreal sensual orgy.

My fingers crawl past your lips  . You suck at them, as if it means life to you .  They wander down , along every inch of your curves , pressing into you .  You moan in sweet pain only to  hear me laugh in my mind . In the spaceless silence begins a roaring rhapsody of bodies  mixed with  raw touches, everywhere and nowhere. You are  losing grip ! “Where Am I ?What trip is this ? Where do you take me , Sir ? “  

Your head is so empty , about to explode into  infinity ,  incomprehensive as I drill deeper and harder into you . You no longer exists in body . There is nothing in front of your eyes as they blur  into nothingness .  The trip goes higher , the pounding harder . I can hear your mind say ; “ Take me till last,   take me whole, take me all , tear me open, love me, ravish me, kill me  ; let me drink drown in to us till I feel no more .. no more… no more …”

© themysticdom 2014



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