About “The Mystic Dom”

Having spent 35 summers of a beautiful life and a substantial part of it travelling across geography  , I have always been interested in things that exists beyond the obvious. deep in thought and mature in action. complex in planning but simple in execution. Things that stretch beyond the imagination of the mundane and boring mindset to cross barriers of passion… sensuality … and ecstasy.

Having been into the deep intuitive world of BDSM for the past 8 years , The Mystic Dom is a soul who is a collage of experiences that have spread across barriers of cultures, nationalities and personalities . He feels honored by the trust endowed by his subs into him and feels in their process of discovering themselves, the journey has shed new light on his own self.

The intent of this blog is not to educate any soul to the world of BDSM. Albeit , in the process of writing the different topics I intend to  or experiences to be shared , if a willing soul finds his education , I shall be honoured . The Mystic Dom combines sensuality with serendipity , kink with class , and erotica with exhilaration . He always believes that the Mind is the most erotic organ of the human body as  it controls everything. And the “power to control” by your thoughts, conversations and thinking ( in a positive way) is one of the most attractive virtue .

A nomadic soul by nature ,  A true gentleman by day, A passionate lover by night and a Mystic Dom for all seasons .

His passion :- Prose and Poetry, Mental & Physical Bondage, Foodplay , CosPlay, RolePlay, Toys .

He Loves :- Canes & Crops / Collars/ Corner Time /Obedience Training / Whips/ Blindfolds/ Eye Contact Restrictions/Gags & Hair Pull/Spanking & Humiliation/  Exhibitionism/ Voyeurism / Orgasm Control

Feel free to reach him for anything under the sun and over the bed 😉  ~ boundbypleasure@gmail.com

Welcome to his World ! Welcome to his Soul !


21 thoughts on “About “The Mystic Dom”

  1. A nice intro Mystic Dom. Alluring enough to tease the senses and want to know more. I hope you reach the levels beyond what your mind thinks possible..

    • The feeling is likewise Mademoiselle . A true mind and soul never has finite limits . There is no parameter to break , no benchmarks to set ! You are as infinite you wish to be , as eternal as you seek 🙂

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